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For Sale:
Woo WA3 + $500 worth of tubes + a TON of extras

Will Ship To: Continental US

Here is a Woo Audio WA3 in superb, near-new condition. 


It's running what I think is just about the best tube setup available for the WA3: Tung Sol 7998 power (maybe forty hours on it) Telefunken E88CC drivers (maybe 60 hours on them). As I said, this setup is fantastic with the WA3. Deep, powerful, transparent, and ultra-detailed while still retaining a warmth and non-analytical quality which makes listening for hours easy. Tube-rollers beware, there's just not a whole hell of a lot of places to go from here, ha ha... Maybe a crazy grail tube like the Western Electric 421A will improve things, but that's about it.


Also included are the stock power and driver tubes, and what may or may not be an authentic 7236 power. It's unmarked, and needs some burn-in. Seven tubes total are included in this sale.




The first thing you'll probably notice is the isolation system. I've found spiking and isolating with hard maple to be VERY effective. Unfortunately, hard maple is also damn pricy, but there it is. The custom made isolation block is around 2.6 inches thick and crafted from reclaimed solid hard flame maple with walnut runners. Unlike cheap (but still very expensive) versions from Mapleshade, this walnut is solid- not glued pieces. One enormous hunk of fantastic-sounding tree. Heavy brass spikes in a 3-support pattern. Rounded tips for table or desk friendly placement.


The WA3 has been spiked as well, but they are affixed with super-glue, so can be easily removed (the residue disappears with nail-polish remover). If you want to experiment with spiking, use superglue. You want something that dries hard, not rubbery (and something that removes easily). 


A set of Prometheus solid silver interconnects. That's solid silver- no copper.


An Audioquest Evergreen 3.5mm stereo-to-RCA, if you want to just hook the WA3 into your phone, MP3 player or computer without a DAC.


A matching silver machined-aluminum Woo Audio headphone stand (not pictured). Small footprint, but nice and heavy and substantial.


A nearly-new Pangea power cable. (not pictured) the 14 AWG version in black and blue nylon sleeving.


Make me an offer or an interesting trade. Thanks for looking!




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