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Hello all,


Created an account since I've bought a few Headphones/IEM's based on reviews from this site, and all of them have been brilliant. Would like now to participate in this community, though i still have a lot to learn. Current kit:


Sennheiser PC363D

Sennheiser IE80

Shure se215


Admittedly the 363D set came from a random impulse buy based on Amazon reviews and a need for a decent headset for gaming, but the other two were bought based on Head-Fi reviews. The IE80's are possibly the best bit of kit i have ever bought. Sound absolutely gorgeous with a fantastic range and massive soundstage. The se215's are similar to the sennys but with less low end and noticeably more detailed high end. The PC363D's sound absolutely fantastic with pretty much any song i throw at them, they sound very monitorish, with that mix 'ripping apart' effect so you can hear every individual part of the mix perfectly. Brilliant range, response, and detail, for a very reasonable price.


I also own a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze BX2's powered by a Yamaha A-S500.


Anyway, sorry if this all sounds amateurish, but I'm hear to learn a bit more about audiophile quality gear.