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WANTED (DEAD OR ALIVE): ALO Audio Pan Am DAC/AMP -- Mostly interested in trades +/- cash!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there,


I'm looking for a relatively cheap DAC/AMP to try out tube-rolling - mostly I've narrowed it down to the ALO Audio Pan Am because of it's pairing with the LCD-2 and it's compact size. Passport and Gateway and/or extra tubes would also be nice, but not required obviously. 


I want to trade some of my headphone, AMP/DAC, IEM, etc. (Even check out my lot of 100% authentic swiss luxury watches!) for the Pan Am, +/- cash of course. Not really interested in a straight sale because I'm a bit low on funds. 


What's listed in my inventory is only 1/3 of what I actually have lol. So if you want something that's not too esoteric, I'll probably have it.