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Rap/Hip Hop Headphones

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Hey everyone,

I actually made an account on here just to post this cuz I didnt really find what I was lookin for by searchin so please dont send me to previous threads from others^^

Anyway I'm coming from the beats pro which were my first pair of headphones besides the basic apple ipod buds so I'm fairly inexperienced. Why I'm opening a new thread is although others have posted lookin for rap/hip hop headphones they always were more leaning towards the "pop-rap" (meaning lil wayne, soulja boy and so on) I felt, which is absolutely not what I'm into.

'm looking for headphones to listen to so called "real" rap with, meaining either old school or underground stuff (e.g. Reks, Talib Kweli, Pete Rock, Nas, Brand Nubian..)

So yea I'm selling the beats atm and I was pretty sure I'd get the v-moda m100 but today have become a little irritated cuz some reviewers said they were great for hip hop (which I'm assuming means lil wayne, rick ross and all that imo "pop-rap") but not so great as far as the vocals go which would completely suck for my music taste.

So I was wondering if anybody has experience with the m100s or a better recommendations for my tastes ? 

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I can't really comment on the M100 since its been a while and I don't remember how the vocals was on the M100 but I will recommend you look into the Phiaton MS 500. Comfort might be an issue but it's a great headphone for what you're looking for. I'm listening to a mix of We the People by flipsyde and Nas's Illmatic album right now and the vocals are nice and clear even on these old recordings.

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Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest.

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thanks for the fast answers so far, anybody else?
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