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For Sale: (SOLD) FS: AKG K340s

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For Sale:
(SOLD) FS: AKG K340s

Will Ship To: ConUS

All Sold! 

I'm selling one pair of AKG K340 electrostatic-dynamic headphones. I really loved their sound, so much that I bought two pairs of them. 


The first pair has been thoroughly modded, which I bought from a fellow head-fier. The plastic screen is taken off, baffle is modded, headband and elastics had been changed. I added a last touch by swapping a pair of Audeze vegan ear pads on. I believe this is a unique pair of K340s. They have excellent bass! Quality, quantity and extension of both top and bottom ends are very impressive. The mids are probably a little recessed in comparison, but still clear and beautiful like old AKG sound. They are in excellent condition, see pictures for details. Price for this one is $235 plus shipping and paypal (if not gift).  This pair has been sold. 


The second pair is basically in stock form, with the plastic screen removed, and oval-shape vinyl pads. I bought them off ebay and made the slight modifications. This pair is probably the 'bass-heavy' version, and has a nice balanced sound. Also in excellent condition except for some color paint on the left cup (see picture no.4 & 5). Elastics in good condition. Priced at $165 plus shipping and paypal if not gift. 




Reason for selling: see last picture. 


I have original ear pads which will be automatically included, but if you only want stock pads, I can take off the cost of the replaced ear pads. Please PM me for further negotiation. 

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These are nice headphones! I had one but then I traded it + a new PRO900 for an amp... now I kinda miss mine :<


You do need a very powerful amp to drive these properly though.. about the same as a HE-6.

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Thanks! I agree that they need about the same amount of power as HE-6. They definitely need more power than my HE-5LEs. 

Oh yeah I know I will miss them... 

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Will you do international shipping to India , for both the 340s and The Mini X ? 

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Originally Posted by MrTechAgent View Post

Will you do international shipping to India , for both the 340s and The Mini X ? 

Relied via PM, but these are still available. 

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