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It seems like there are a bunch of new players stirring up the DAP market all able to play files with sample rates higher than 16/44.1.



There is talk on the street about Apples iOS 8 being released tomorrow June 2nd with HD compatibility in i-Tunes. There are a couple nice ways to add HD play back currently in your Apple device.


One example here.


High Definition Audio Playback:
* 192KHz/24Bit Flac format decoding
* 192KHz/24Bit output thru Apple Camera Connection Kit and USB DAC
* Optimized FLAC decoder (less CPU cycle and long battery life)
* Gapless playback
* Shuffle / Repeat Control
* 10-Band Graphic Equalizer (0.25dB step, -6 to 6dB)
* Configurable software gain(i.e. preamp gain) (0.25dB step, -12 to 12dB)
* Highly optimized professional audio processor
* 3 configurable user EQ preset
* Supporting AirPlay, Bluetooth, USB Docking and other MFi Audio Systems
* Remote Control / Background Audio
* Real-time audio waveform display
* FLAC metadata display

Smart File Management:
* iPod like file browser gruping by Album, Artist and Song
* FLAC and image file(album art) can be downloaded to iOS device through iTunes Documents
* Automatic folder management based on album name tag in FLAC file
* Album art customization using downloaded image file (through iTunes or from Cloud Storage)

Cloud Storage (Google Drive)
* Downloading FLAC and image file(album art) from cloud storage drive (Google Drive)
* Multiple accounts management and easy account switching
* Simultaneous downloading and playback
* Downloading Image file(JPEG, PNG and others) for custom album art




Maybe the best way to use this software is with an external DAC with the ability to decode the HD.








So really now there is a bunch of other portable DAPs that let you play HD. The issue is that the Apple internal DACs are limited to 44kHz and 48kHz. One of the key processes in this new wave of popular DACs is the HD playback even going higher than 24  bit at 192 kHz.


I am one who still really loves the sound of high bit rate media files played back with current Apple DACs. Still though the main theme of this thread is how obvious it is that we will see a high bit-rate Apple hand-held DAC in the next coming year.



If they do they may win Head-Fi back with players that excel in SQ?

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