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Amp in Canada around $200-300

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I was going to get the Schiit Magni Modi stack but that was before I realized that you cant get them in Canada. Basically what i'm asking is if there is there any store in Canada (that I am apparently not aware of) that will stock this. If not, what is a good alternative for around the same amount of money that offers the same quality and were can I find it?

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Actually Schiit ships to Canada incredibly quickly. I received a Fedex shipment two days after ordering. I had a problem with the amp I purchased and it was replaced, again received in two days. I paid no duty on the purchase, just Canadian sales taxes. I wouldn't be concerned about ordering Schiit from Canada. It is a painless process.
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Very true, mainly was wondering if there was any other options. I don't want to be that one guy who get charged duty because the agent decided to randomly stop my package.

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Use the USPS shipping option.

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Why is that? Do they offer to pay duties at the boarder?

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I'd be surprised if you get charged at all, I pretty much use USPS exclusively now. You'll probably only pay the tax on the item, no hidden brokerage fees, and small amounts of duty fees. Even then, sometimes they don't charge me for tax at all.

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Probably just like B&H, If they charge HST when you buy it there should be no hidden charges at the door.

If your looking to up your game the Headphone Bar in Vancouver has free shipping Canada wide. They only sell the Lyr and Bifrost though.

They have the ALO Island and a couple of NuForce in your price range though.
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All I can say is that there were no duties when shipped by Fedex, it cleared customs quickly, there was a small $5 administrative fee and federal/provincial 13% taxes (it was shipped to Ontario). My order was worth about $1,000, so it was unlikely to escape the eyes of customs inspectors. When the replacement for the defective unit arrived there were no charges at all. Personally I would rather deal directly with Schiit in case of problems. They make good stuff, but things do go wrong-as in my case. When they do, Schiit offers wonderful service. I am not sure you would get the same service from a retail store selling their products in Canada, if they exist.

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As far as i know they dont. that being said i thank you for ur contribution i think i just might order from the Schiit site and deal with customs charges if they arise

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If it is made in the US, you won't have to pay a "customs" charge.  The most you should have to pay is a $5-10 "handling/collection" fee, plus the sales tax (HST or GST/PST) of the item, if made in the US like Schiit is.


If you use USPS, your chances of getting lucky and not being charged anything at all go up.  Unfortunately, for me, I seem to get hit 99% of the time...so I just factor that into my decision.  If I don't, then bonus.


The US dollar is what is really hurting us at the moment.

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Yape, if is made in US, then no duty fees. You are probably going to pay massive brokerage fees if it's declared as electronic item over $200.

Tell them to declare just under $200 as "used item", you will probably pay no tax no additional fees.

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Avoid UPS. They will smack you around with their brokerage fees.


FedEx is decent. If you have a customer account (free to signup with a credit card) and get the shipper to send along with your customer number, FedEx will charge your credit card with the relevant taxes but you will not have to pay the processing/brokerage fees. If they botch and ask for money at the door, ask to see the invoice, double check that it's only taxes, tell them they goofed then give them your customer number which should suffice for payment.


USPS is a gamble. My highest frequency of damaged items is with USPS.


For all options, duties is a tossup. It really comes down to the customs clerk and what kind of a mood they're in.


I have a link near the top of my profile for various Canadian companies/distributors/etc.

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Avoid UPS. They will smack you around with their brokerage fees.

FedEx is decent.

I totally agree. UPS is a total ripoff.
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