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Hi.  I am a construction worker that works long shifts with an S-load of noise.  I have earplugs like these images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTQwihzdnWthRN2-cLQ41Xh7rk0sz6ijNoWHtH9o5JYI2yb6hDMfQ.  ,


but I would like wireless headphones that look the same.  They would need to fit in ear and last 10-12 hours per charge, or have nonstop play with onboard battery life.  I have been using corded earbuds lately but the cord is inconvenient (and occasionally unprofessional) and the sound quality is poor.


If there is a set of headphones out there that block sound extremely well as in-ear buds, and are wireless that can play all day, it would make life alot better for all the noise I need to get through in the upcoming weeks.


Help with my tunes woes would be greatly appreciated.  I also think a thread with these parameters would be very useful for a lot of people out there.  Thanks for any help.


p.s. sky is the limit for budget, I would like to see every option.