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For Sale: AKG K702

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For Sale:
AKG K702

Will Ship To: CONUS

AKG K702, with "reversible bass mod" as described elsewhere on Head-Fi.  The modification increases bass output, thus this headphone's only relative weakness is corrected.  These are several years old, lovingly and carefully used.  In perfect working condition.  Minor cosmetic blemishes.  Am selling these reluctantly as I trim down some gear.

Edit:  adding photos of earpieces, trying to show the blemishes on the outer grill.  Almost invisible still, so they're very minor.




UPDATE: Sold 6/6/14.
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I’m having trouble seeing if these have the bumps on the headband. I own the Q701s, but those bumps are hella painful!
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Yes, they do.  The bumps have never bothered me, but people come in different head shapes and sizes don't they?

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If I got these, how would I reverse the mod?

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10 minutes with a pair of tweezers and the 2 pieces of round tape that I removed from the ports.
Later tonight when I'm home I can locate the head-fi thread that describes the mod and has pictures. If you want you can also use the head-fi search function, look for "reversible bass mod K702".
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How much trouble is it for you to send the cans "stock"? And if that isn't an option, will you be providing the original round tape?

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I could block the ports again, with the original tape circles.  I think they sound better with the ports unblocked, though.  If you would like to hear them both ways, then I could ship them as is, with the original tape in the shipping box, and you could re-block them if you want less bass or just want to compare.

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SOLD.  Enjoy them, Scott!

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