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So I've been looking at quite a few and I have this wonderful problem where when I find something, I nitpick and decide that I found something better, then nitpick again and go back and forth and throw more stuff I found into my little pointless contemplation until someone with actual knowledge tells me what is best. I have around $120 to spend, but the lower the cost the better. I'll make this as organized as possible.


Music I listen to


What I would like (Don't need)
-Detachable wire
-In-line controls
-Visually appealing
-Something that will not only suffice for music listening, but gaming as well.
-Good weight. Just in between heavy and light


What I Need
-Blocks a good amount of noise
-Leaks very little noise
-Over-ear (Absolute must)
-Closed design


Other thoughts
I'm currently using the Razer Kraken and I wouldn't mind upgrading. If anyone could throw a suggestion out there I would appreciate it. I also have an obnoxious list of headphones that I've been looking at, so if you think one in there is the best, then please let me know. I'm willing to spend $120, I just haven't found a pair yet that makes big enough of a difference to be worth it.


I'll put what I'm looking at in an Amazon wishlist to make it easy to navigate.

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