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The main point of my build is to have more immersion/better music for my pc/ps3 with virtual surround sound. Will be using the AKG k712 Pro.(new to audio btw)


1st build 


Soundblaster Z (for Ps3) > Xonar DGX > Schiit Magni


I will be using the SBZ optical input to transfer the pre encoded optical digital signal from the ps3 to the xonar for DH processing, as stated in the namless pc gaming audio guide. Finally will output through the schiit.


My doubts:

1. Does the SBZ mess with the digital signal at all?

2. Does the SBZ prevent passing the signal to the xonar?

3. do i really need the Schiit Magni for my cans?

4. Even if it does work, will I experience input lag?


2nd build


Soundblaster Z (for Ps3) > Xonar DGX > Schiit modi(optical) > Schiit Magni


My doubts:

1. Will I lose dolby virtual surround sound from the Modi?


3rd build


Modi(Optical) + Magni


My doubts:

1. Can my ps3 pass stereo through optical and be decoded with the Modi?

2. Would this be better than "Virtual" surround sound?


Thank you to all who have read my mad ramblings. Also, free cookies for anybody who can help me!