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For Sale or Trade: Shure SE530

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For Sale or Trade:
Shure SE530

Will Ship To: Anywhere

So I just got these SE530s in a trade, but to be honest, if you subtract some bass and liquidity in the midrange and add some air and treble, you have the RE-600, which I already have and quite enjoy. Since I'd rather have something that isn't redundant (or cash; cash would be super cool since I just bought an HE500 and I'm buying the ZMF x Vibro), I want to sell or trade these. 


For trades, just shoot some interesting things my way (no IEMs please; I'm perfectly fine with the RE-600 until I have the dosh for customs). But I would prefer to sell, and since eBay seems to think these are usually worth around $250-270 with accessories, I figure $180 is fair. I'll pay for shipping if you pay for PayPal.

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For Sale: $240 (USD)
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Sold elsewhere.

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