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Audio Shops in Utah?

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Hey, basically what the title says.  I'd really like to audition different cans, but there's no stores that I can find through google that carry higher end headphones for audition.  Just wondering if anyone else lives in Utah knows of a place that has headphones.  I've found Utah Audio, but they only seem to do speakers, no headphones.  Checked local electronics stores, nothing but beats etc in them.  Any knowledge is appreciated thanks!

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Performance Audio in SLC. Good place.
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Originally Posted by Milof View Post

Performance Audio in SLC. Good place.

Thank you! I'll head out there tomorrow and check them out! They have headphones on display for audition and everything?

Thanks again!

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Any follow-ups?  Is it worth a visit?  I'll be in Salt Lake soon and would like to audition a few headphones...

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1090 East Cambridge Circle, Layton, UT 84040

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Damn yeah av workx is awesome! Wish there was more places. Performance audio only has boring studio monitors :'(  wish I knew of other places I have been looking everywhere

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I also recommend a trip up to Avworx; Jared the weekend guy is great to work with. They have the full Audeze lineup and many grados as well. Full seltection and amps and dacs and some great cables from kimber.
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