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Head-Fi Community Advice for Ultimate Sound Quality

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I started a new thread on this because there are about 3-4 key components and most other threads are not taking the whole picture into consideration when putting together a great setup.  I am looking for the ultimate sound quality and ability to be portable and stationary, isolate outside noise and get the best possible sound from this setup.  So pretty much a very good setup for just about everything....nice right.  I listen to classical like Max Richter to hard rock to sheesh even some Lady Gaga if I have to admit it (some songs are fantastic...c'mon lol) to Pink Floyd/Zepplin/ZZTop/Metallica/Godsmack to The Fixx/RUSH to free and easy like Lovesipirals to Spiro Gyra..... as well as movies/HD, gaming.. so there's a nice rainbow


My Current Setup

I currently have the UE10Pro's with my iPhone 5.  I just recently really spent a ton of $ and got an endgame cable (Double Helix Symbiote Pure Silver 4 litz 8 braid cable with Rhodium plug / comes with remote mic) and of course I cannot post the image because of this site's ridiculous account priveleges... but this cable should last near a lifetime minus possibly replacing a plug or something later...


Anyway, let me continue with my setup:

Additionally, I am using iOS/iPhone 5 as I mentioned but also using the Denon Audion app which I find really tight as I can adjust each song any way I want  Makes the UE10Pro's really show the highs and I can adjust the mids and lows for each song if I want...some of you probably know this app as I know there are a bunch but this one is very good in my honest opinion.  Only drawback with the app is that it will only play tunes you downloaded directly like from iTunes.  But aside from that I'm impressed.  


Now I have NOT received the endgame Symbiote cable yet...still have standard UE10Pro IEM cable that was stock.  Got the UE10Pro's several years ago and man they still crank.  Love em. Had some nice input from Peter


As far as volume goes, that's why I'd like your input on recommendations on a possible DAC (looking at AK10 from Astell & Kern) as my volume on the iPhone 5 is between 70% for normal listening to 95% depending upon the genre of music.  So I'm thinking a DAC might make this even better and possibly provide the ability to add volume or make the quality a bit more robust at lower volume levels.


So 2 Questions:


1. What are your thoughts on my current setup?

2. What are your recommendations for the ultimate sound quality for portable and in-home listening with the UE10Pro's (Or even recommend an all over ear headphone for home like HD800)


Thank you and I appreciate everyone's input here.  I will admit I am a newb in audio but so far think I have done a pretty decent job just want to get some professional clarity.  





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