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bass earphones ~

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Deciding whether to get the audio technica cks1000, wooduo 2, shure se215, klipsch r6, sennheinser cx200, KEF M200, or the monster turbine gold. I need really powerful bass while no distortion at high volumes and good soundstage as well. Hope y'all experience people could give me some advice ~
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Try the Jvc ha-fx700, it has killer bass, a sparkly detailed treble to match, and a slightly recessed midrange but that still has detail to it!

If you wanted to get one you listed I would go turbine or 215. They both have great bass response, the turbines mids are thick but don't sound special, the 215 have a full thick midrange, and the turbines extend a bit higher with treble and the 215 are a bit more flat and rolled off with the high end!
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Thanks will do more research. Have you tried the cks1000?
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Unfortunately, I have not tried them. If you have any more finds I can try to assist you on them!
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Okay thanks!
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