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For Sale: FS: NAD M51 DAC excellent condition

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For Sale:
FS: NAD M51 DAC excellent condition

Will Ship To: US only

*** LOCAL DEAL PENDING (6/4) *****


Looking to get a DSD DAC @ $3500, but in order to do that must sell this DAC first.


Excellent condition, likely 9/10 on A'gon scale, ; see pics, any marks are dust or a small smudge highlighted by the camera flash.


Comes with original box and accessories (including two power plugs, one for Euro). Can't currently find the manual, we'll blame that in my wife moving it and forgetting :-D If I can't find it, it can certainly be downloaded from the NAD site.


My asking price includes insured ground shipping (ConUS only please) and PayPal fees.  Good discount for local (MA/NH) cash deal.




Todd - skullguise

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Def not selling outside US? Is the voltage switch able? 

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