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For Sale:
Stax System for Cheap!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I got the Stax bug and have been looking under nooks and crannies for older Stax equipment. The good news is that the older stuff is very good and holds it's place with the best headphones of today. But I quickly have too much. Here's what I'm offering:


SRD7-sb energizer. It's made for low bias Stax headphones like the Lambda's below and hooks up to your speaker amp's left and right outputs. It's in very good condition


SR-Lambda earspeakers. The first and very popular Lambda. There is a reason that the SR-Lambda stayed in the Stax line up for so long...they sound great. These Lambda's are not in the greatest shape. The cable needs to be replaced. It shorts out if you move a certain way while listening. The Stax can be repaired by the US Distributor or you can do it yourself and save quite a bit. I would thin about replacing the ear pads (but there is no rush) and eventually the headband (because I'm OCD!) If you want you can spend nothing and you can hear what all the fuss is about (just don't move around a lot while you are listening!!)


Buyer pays shipping and half the paypal fees. Trades? Probably not...I'm looking for a cheaper Stax amp....

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