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Portable amp for T5P

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So i got the Beyerdynamic T5Ps and i am currently looking for a portable amp.
I am not so experienced with headphones or amps for that matter so looking for some help 
when it comes to choseing the right amp. Been looking at the Beyerdynamic A200p so around that price range
400$. Appreciate all the help i can get. 

note my english is far from perfect. 

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Avoid A200p as it is a rebranded AK10 which is just rubbish. I've had tried many portable amp for T5p and could not find anyone that does a nice job. There are two amps that pairs well with it. The first is Objective 2 amp and the second one is Wagnus amp. The later one I need to do a more test but it seems to be the best pairing. It just fixes all those things that troubled me about T5p


But yes wagnus amp is not cheap and is way over your budget.

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Thanks for the fast respond, do you have any experience with the C5D AMPLIFIER+DAC?
And also for 400-500$ would you say the Objective 2 amp is the best choice thanks yet again. 

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Depends on what you want, for portable use O2 is really good. However you can have decent desktop setup for a 200 dollar more. For example the Burson Soloist SL does a fine job with T5p but than you need an DAC too.


I did have an experienced with C5 not the C5D but at that time I did not have the T5p so I cannot comment. 

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