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  So I recently bought a pair of full-sized headphones, and after listening to them, I noticed that they sounded much better to the earphones I had before. My earphones where portable and able to get tossed around in a bag, but the sound quality they produced sounded too bloated compared to the  headphones, so I knew that I needed to buy some new earphones. The headphones were too big to fit in a small bag, but earphones should do the trick. So I did some research and I found three iems that should give me the balanced, smooth sounding listening experience that would also isolated the world around me. I was wondering if someone has heard and compared each set of earphones, and which one they would recommend. If there are any choices that are superior to the ones that I have listed, I would like to hear about them as well. 


Current Headphones: Ath m50s

Current Earphones: Jvc hafx101