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USB Dac/Amp

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Hello, so on this obnoxious journey to find the perfect Amp/Dac not only compatible for iDevices, but for PC as well, I've noticed I've spent a lot more than I'd normally be willing to spend.



So I stopped, and sold all of my items.


Now, starting again, I found the Cayin C6 which was only $200, and far better than spending $650 on other mobile dacs. Considering it's really not much worse and uses the same dac chip. Unfortunately, it doesn't double as a regular PC usb dac. Fortunately, it costs far less than the other solutions so I still have a large budget for regular usb dacs for my PC.



So what I'm looking for now is a desktop (not mobile) Dac/Amp combo that should range around up to $100-200. I've seen the schiit stack before, but I'm not sure how exactly they're supposed to work, since I'm looking for usb input and headphone out.


I'd also prefer it to have an eq on it somehow, maybe even a "bass toggle" switch. Not necessary a requirement, but I'd prefer it.

Size isn't really an issue, I'd prefer it to be closer to the size of the Schiit Modi/Magni.


Anyways, all suggestions welcome.

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