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For Sale: Bellari Rolls HA540 Class A Tube amplifier

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For Sale:
Bellari Rolls HA540 Class A Tube amplifier

Will Ship To: USA

Hey guys,


Up for sale/trade is a Bellari Rolls HA540 Tube amplifier that i have had for about a year now, the condition is like new and probably has seen under 200 hours of use. I'll start with the basics than post my impressions of the tube amp later in this post.


Includes: (all original Accessories and box)


RCA to 3.5mm Headphone adaptor (So you can connect 3.5mm outputs to the amplifier)

Power Adaptor

Stock Ruby Tube

New Production Tungsol tube (I find this sounds better than the stock tube)

User Manual


Asking: $160 OBO. List price new for this amp was around $300, so in its current condition i think that is a fair price. 

Shipping: Included if in the US, if you want me to ship internationally i ask that you pay the shipping (It unfortunately tends to be quite expensive, thats why) 


Trading: Currently I am looking to buy some Bose QC15 headphones since i plan on traveling a good bit this summer. If you want to trade that would be awesome. Otherwise i will be using the money from this amp to buy a pair. Hopefully someone in the community has a set for sale, i like to promote a strong trading community in forums. 



Reviews and Impressions:

I'll start of by saying i really like this amp, and the reason why im selling it is to buy the new pairs of headphones so that i have a good NC set for my travels. Like others have said in reviews of this amp, the only con is their packaging. As you can see in the picture, Bellari puts a lot of emphasis on their electronics quality not so much in the packaging department. The Amp is really subjective to tube rolling and a tubes characteristics really shine through when you swap one in. Personally i have had good experiences with the Tungsol tube i swapped in (I was not a fan of the Ruby). Inherently the tube has enough gain to power high impedance headphones at minimal distortion. It would easily power my Beyerdynamic 250ohm DT990s without needing any post amplification. Putting this in series with my Audioengine D1 you can get the wamth of the tube amp with the minimal distortion of a solid state amp. The amp high high and low gain inputs depending on your preamp or source. Obviously the low gain input has less distortion so if you are using a preamp or DAC with this tube amp you will be pleased. If you dont use a preamp and solely use this as your amplification stage it will work more than fine while providing all the benefits of a tube amp. Bottom line if you're looking to get into tube amplification and dont know where to start, this is a great place. If you're already into tube amps this is a nice step up from your average Chinese tube amps. Plus, Bellari is made in the USA! I do enjoy supporting American products and companies. 


Treads On the Amp:


Tube rolling guide:



Head-Fi Review (Marked 100% :) )





Amplifier pictures & Amplifier porn (see whats under her case)




Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,


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Price drop $150 if anyone wants to take it. I need to get the new pair of headphones before i leave for China :P I know i have no feedback so ill accept returns so its fair (Though nothing is wrong with the amp i assure you, i can post a video or get more pictures, or if you have any questions dont hesitate to contact me :) ). 

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You have a pm!

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