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.FLAC questions

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Hello all,


I have some questions regarding flac and even mp3.


Im in a situation where I want both MP3 and .FLAC files of many/all of my music files. The reason being my cars system says my Cowan Z2 is an incompatible device (Microsoft Sync software in a ford).


Right now I am using EAC to rip and convert to .flac. Is there a way to have EAC rip and create both .mp3 and .flac encodes of the .wav once it has it? If not what is the other best practice? wav->flac and wav-> mp3 or wav -> flac -> mp3


Also, how do you go about replacing individual songs? Im in the case where when i was younger and bought most of my CD collection, i didnt take very good care of them so many of my CD's that im ripping from have scratches, and one or 2 of more of the songs cant  be ripped from the CD.


Ive looked at a few sites listed here and i cant seem to find those artists to purchase the individual songs. am i in a situation where i just need to go on amazon and re-buy the cds?



Also does anyone know of the best way to get flac into the ford sync system? Im guessing rockbox wont be supported, can phones transmit .flac over bluetooth? Any other player?

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I don't think your car system will handle flac files, in fact most (if not all) won't. Even if they did it's debatable whether you'd be able to hear the difference between flac and 320kb MP3.

I also have similar requirements though and I always rip initially to flac so that I have a 'master copy'. If you own the disc then do another rip to mp3. Chances are you won't want all your music converted immediately for the car as not all music is car music, if you know what I mean.

If you do find something that can simultaneously rip to both formats I'm all ears.

Good luck.
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dbpoweramp can do the multi encode task

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Originally Posted by abraxasoner View Post

dbpoweramp can do the multi encode task

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I didn't know this. Any idea if there's anything available for OSX with this facility?
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