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This site has a lot of info from alot of users but can be confusing for beginners as there is soooo much info and a million phones. Sharing what I did . tried ath m 50, were 'ok' . Went straight for stax basic system. AMAZING. No idea why there r not more electrostatic phones out there ,. I vote clearly by a long shot the best in many categories, speed, detail, soundstage etc etc etc... Phones I considered from the great reading here, akg 701's , Grado 325is, Beyers.... I also have pana hje 90's & HF5 Ety's which I love.. My advice go staright for the "best" for the money for ALL music styles, I listen to high end wavs flacs 320's cello, Rock, Techno , Dub w/e u throw at them they ARE WOW... Anyway, my advice to beginners just go for it :D  STAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX !