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Late Spring early summer meet

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I have scoped out a new place for the meet. 


Its largeish Library off of ST RT 23



Its Free (minus a 25 dollar fee for cleaning that is refundable as long as the room is the way it was when we got it.)

Its got lots of tables and way more comfy chairs then I do

Has more power spots

Has its own entrance

Allowed to have food and drink

Reasonable times 8am till 10pm are the times that the room is usable. I would suggest 12-7 or 8 for enough time for clean up. 

LOOOTSSSS of Parking. 

Has vending machines

Very clean and nice room and non pet friendly ie allergic or what not dont have to worry about my cat now. 

Awesome aircon



No alcohol at all it is a library after all. 

It has to be open to the public ie if someone walks in they are allowed to stay as long as they are there for any information that we want to give them

Does not have a fridge but it does have an area for food and some ice coolers for the drinks

We dont have to be super quite as the room is far from the main library but no yelling and what not. 


Thoughts on this. I would have to put in the request/reservation rather soon if we would like to use this. 


The dates are the 14th of june or the 28th of june are completely free on the libraries calendar both are Saturdays 

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Sounds awesome. Make it so #1.


Any date is good for me so far.

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This new venue sounds like a good idea. Even though we won't be able to bring in any alcohol, the guaranteed table space, comfy chairs, and AC are a plus. The extra outlets (and not having to pay for electricity) might be handy as well. I'd prefer the June 28th date since June is going to be pretty hectic for me work-wise.

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Either of these June dates will work for me.

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I can only make the 28th but hopefully ill have the he400i by then, as long as it releases on time!
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Sounds good to me! I'd prefer the 28th, if someone is tallying that. 

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21st or 28th work best for me, so 28th looks like a good day.


With any luck we won't blow the breaker like we did in Dayton.

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I'm good with either date. I'll be in Chicago for a head-fi meet on the 21st and in Cleveland on the 7th. Damn I have a ton of travel on June weekends. :p

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I'd be fine with the 28th as well.  

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The 28th will work best for me as well.

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Go and talk and converse here


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Can't make this one as we are looking to close on a house this coming month... Good news is once the man cave is done we'll have another venue!
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No alcohol?


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Crap, I'm busy that weekend, I'll make one of these meets I got to!

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