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Delivery times, BHSE, Cavalli LL Mk2, EC Electra, Woo WES and "customer service". - Page 2

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Yeah I was in the same position when I got my SR-009.
I didn't much like the Stax amps, so I settled for the 323S til I could get a better one.

Following the BHSE thread and all the comments about delays, and since I find myself usually preferring a SS sound not tubes, I opted for the LLmk2 smily_headphones1.gif

The lead time on the LLmk2 was also quite long(3 months?), and was extended a couple of times IIRC, but communication was very good at least in my case.
I also had some issues with the transformer on arrival, but the service was excellent, they gave me multiple options for how to fix it, and I got a replacement transformer within reasonable time.

Sadly I have not been able to get my hands on a BHSE or KGSSHV, so I can't give you a comparison between those SQ wise.

To my ears the LLmk2 is way better than the 323S in every way
(granted I liked the separate adjustment for left/right channels on the 323S, especially after seeing all those channel imbalance issues related to the SR-009).

However I still feel something is lacking in freqs 20-50Hz compared to the HD800, and I'm told this is not a fault in the SR-009 but rather the amping... Guess I might find out one day wink.gif
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Originally Posted by 29029 View Post



Having had dynamic HP set ups for years and had almost every HP/amp combo there is, I have decided to jump back into Stax and go for an SR-009. The choice of amp is the question.


Years back I had an O2 / SRM 717 and I preferred the SS energiser to the 007 by quite a margin.


So - do I get a SRM-727 II to go with the SR-009 AND at the same time order a better energiser from one of the above or just do that now - and then wait...wait...wait.


The main contender is the BHSE, but the comments on that BHSE thread talk of 20 month waiting times, infrequent updates, and generally, "you'll get it when it's ready". What kind of service is this?! When spending $5k + ??


Or the Cavalli LL II - Cavalli say not available till "Fall" - no year mentioned - is this 2013, 2014, 2015? Again, all a little bit vague.


What about the EC Electra? And service from Craig? 


Finally, having had Woo amps before, I know Jack is brilliant to deal with in terms of sticking to delivery dates, regular updates and just generally being a nice guy all round. 



Jack Wu excepted, is it right to accept crazy delivery times, frustration, no contact, poor service - i mean, would we accept this in any other avenue of consumer purchase?


So do I buy the Stax 727, go for the Woo WES or hang out for the BHSE, CA LL or EC E, and just put up with the issues raised?


Surely others have had this decision?






My short list for you for amp to drive the 009, based on my experience (amp 727, 007t, Electra, RKV-II + Energiser Woo Wee) and what I have read on the BHSE:


BHSE (retube) + 009: very well, very expensive, but crippling timeout for me (> 2 years)


(ref : http://www.head-fi.org/t/439657/headamp-blue-hawaii-special-edition/5520#post_10707124)


727 + 009: a very good choice (to wait?), in my opinion better than the 007t


(ref :http://www.audiovalve.de/rkv/eric.pdf)


RKV-II + Energiser (WooAudio Wee): a very good choice, equivalent show better than the 727 + 009, of the same order as the Electra


(ref : http://www.head-fi.org/t/681814/amplifiers-shootout-for-stax-009-eddie-current-electra-audiovalve-rkv-wooaudio-wee-stax-srm727-srm007t2/60#post_10702939




RKV-II + Energiser (new generation) specially optimized for the RKV-II (+ option of disconnection of the transformers?): being studied by AudioValve Germany (ref): in my opinion a solution of choice for all those who would not wait 2 years a BHSE, with even the possibility to exploit the best hedaphone electrodynamic (and orthodynamic) of the moment.


(ref : http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post178174257.html#p178174257



http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/post178182802.html#p178182802 )

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I think the customer service issues are naturally exaggerated as the people with issues are the ones who do the posting. I have found justin responsive in the past. Only in the last few months has he been more difficult to reach. My guess is combination of crunch time on amplifier assembly/testing and, I would guess, influx of customer contact as people hear there is news happening. On the other hand, I have heard lots of good things about his after sales support. Is woo way better at customer service? For sure. Justin is more like dealing with your old friend who feels you won't take offense if he doesn't return your call right away.

I would recommend however to get a bhse. The parts used to make them are no longer produced so there is only a limited number that will be made. So if you decide later to get one, it might be impossible to extremely expensive. If you want the best, get a kgsshv and it's ilk for the short term. That way you will have both SS and tube solution. That's what I did.
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