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Replacement for my ACS T15s, in-ear monitors — any advice?

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Around four years ago I purchased some hearing protection from ACS and the plugs have been great. Two years on from this, I got the ACS T15 in ear monitors to fit my moulds. I have been moderately impressed with the sound. More than anything, I just love the fact they are custom fits—as all tips seem to kill my ears, and the fact that they isolate really well.


However, one day I got really frustrated with the fact that the T15 cord has loads of kinks in it. I decided to do some silly things, like wrap my headphones around a glass with hot water in/stretch them etc... All this tinkering has led to a split in the cord. They still work, but they are on their last legs.


So, my question is:


Does anyone know of some earphones that will fit my ACS moulds? I don't even mind if they are towards the cheaper end of the market, I just want a good fit. If needed, I can provide some pictures of the fitting.


Just for reference, I don't have these (unfortunately): http://www.hearingprotection.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=60&Itemid=117, I have these: http://www.hearingprotection.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=61&Itemid=119





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Bump. Anyone?

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The Netherlands' Dynamic Ear Company actually OEMs the ACS T15; the OEM product is the Inor DS-11, which is sold from their retail arm as the Crescendo Music DS-11: http://www.crescendo-hearingprotection.com/nc/products/product/crescendo-ds-11-earphones.html


Even though DEC made the DS-11/T15 to fit its own "Filtor" system, my understanding is that it is fully cross-compatible with the legacy Elacin ER series. Thus, you're looking for anything that fits the Elacin ER connector size, which is intended to fit the ER series of passive noise attenuators.


This is what Elacin sells:



DEC actually make another model other than the T15/DS-11, called the DS-07, and is sold by Minerva Hearing:



Rhines and Vision Ears make a higher-end monitoring system that also fits, called the JACK:




InEar Monitoring, the other German monitoring company, makes this:



There should also be other products that fit the ER mould system, as it's very popular amongst stage musicians and engineers for a modular monitoring and noise protection system. They just need to bring along their ER molds and can plug into any monitoring system available.

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tomscy2000 — perfect response! Thank you very much...

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ACS sell and adaptor that fits the ER type moulds, allowing the T15 to plug straight in. Only caveat is that ER canals are not the same design as we recommend for our filters and the T15 therefore the sound may vary depending on who manufactured the custom moulds.

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