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Hello everyone

I commute to work by bus and I'm looking for an upgrade to my Sony MDR-NC33. I also wear them at work to cover up the noise from the HVAC. The 33s work fine except the tips occasionally pop off (or rather get pulled off). Rather than crawl around the floor of the bus looking for a small black piece of rubber I keep having to buy new tips. I seem to have pretty large ear canals: the largest tips Sony makes don't seal quite as well as I think they could. I've also tried buying generic tips, but they are always too small or too thin.

I only have two requirements for a new set:
Must be small enough that I can stow them in my pocket. I'm not opposed to over the ear, but storing them in my pocket pretty much precludes the over the ear sets.
Must have secure tips. I've looked at a few sets out there and it seems all have the same style of removable tips. The only exception is the Bose QC20 but none of the reviews discuss how easy it is to pull the tips on and off, just that they are interchangeable.

I'm willing to sacrifice audio quality to meet those demands. Other features such as the ability to play audio on a dead battery would be nice but is not as important as fit.