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For Sale:
Aftermarket HiFiMAN Cables Clearance (AUS)

Will Ship To: Australia

I have just sold the HE-500s, but I still have 3 aftermarket cables for them, all are in pristine condition.


The cables I have are:


- Toxic Cables Silver Poison - $220

- Forza AudioWorks FAW Noir HPC - $160

- Artemis Cables Silver Cable - $100


I'm not sure if the Artemis Cables one is silver or SPC, hence the low price. It has a ton of detail and sounds a little brighter than the SP, so I think it might be pure silver. $480 is you just want the headphone without any cables. My favourite cable is the Silver Poison, it sound perfect to my ears, so I would highly recommend you get it with that. The FAW cable is smoother and more bassy if you prefer that sound sig. 


The Toxic Cables SP costs around $280 new + $20 shipping and a 10 week wait. This is basically new and has less than 100 hours on it and I keep my headphones plugged in to the amp, so the plug is in great condition too. The FAW Hoir HPC Cable costs around $260 + shipping and I'm not sure how much the Artemis silver cable costs. Feel free to make me an offer via PM or ask me any questions. Not really looking to trade unless it's for a HD800 cable.