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DAP and Balance Control

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I'm shopping for a portable player that has a balance control priced somewhere between $200-400.


Due to hearing loss on the left I need 6 to 10 db extra on that side depending on volume level.  Actually I only need the boost from 250hz to 3khz, but precise parametricEQ is a lot to ask from a portable.  In any case, without a balance control it's just not worth switching from my iPhone that does have it.


An added benefit is line out from a really good DAC capable of 24bit / 96k.


Any ideas?  

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I got an email response back from iBasso:


Both of the DX50 and the DX90 dont have the balanced control.
We may add this feature in the future update.


I found the X3 & X5 have +5 db on the balance control.  That's a help, but I'm not sure that's enough.  I can't tell from online information if the equalizer has separate settings for left and right.
Can any Fiio X5 user confirm this?
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