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K Works Peripheral Silencers

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Thanks to Mike at Brilliant Zen Audio I recently checked out the K-Works Peripheral Silencers. These are filters that are inserted into outlets outside of your main system line. I have a dedicated line for my audio system, so I installed a few of these in other rooms of the house. I do have a dedicated line, so I was very pessimistic about these having any effect. Well, Mike was right, I did hear a positive difference. With the Peripheral Silencers in my system, dynamics increased and bass tightened up. I thought I detected a little more detail and ambiance, but it was subtle. Overall it was a positive addition to an already tweaked system, so I bought them!


I would imagine that the K-Works filters would have a positive effect on every system, especially if you have dirty power(which I don't feel I do). If these sound interesting, give Mike a shout at Brilliant Zen Audio or better yet, go to T.H.E. Show this weekend in Newport Beach and check them out in person.

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Even if your power is merely dirty on average, that's very dirty. There are, typically, miles and miles of power wires between you and the power stations. By the time the power reaches you in our electricity-and electronics-dependent world the power is thoroughly polluted with noise from thousands, if not millions, of devices with motors, switches, and other devices or circuits which put every manner of electrical noise back into the lines that power them. Our atmosphere is polluted nowadays with an amazing variety of radio frequency/microwave noises (RF), and the power distribution net is, in effect, millions of miles of antenna that picks up this pollution, too. You can’t hear these frequencies directly, but they do affect your electronic equipment negatively, and the results are usually audible in their effects on the noise floor of every piece of gear you have. Electrical and RF noise also have more direct negative effects upon your digital equipment. Even your digital equipment itself can affect other equipment in your own system negatively, as most digital equipment and computers are known to put some high frequency noise back into the power line. This noise needs to be filtered out for best sonic results, and the cleaned power needs to be delivered clean, without picking up new noise on the way to the equipment it serves. That means good conditioning together with a shielded power cord.



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