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Need some help here.

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Hey I'm deciding wheather which headphones to get. I listen to edm(electronic dance music), electro house only. Need some high quality headphones with good amount of pumping bass with good highs and mids as well. Good soundstage too. So I'm deciding between the klipsch r6, audiotechnica cks1000, wooduo 2, or the monster turbine pro(not sure if gold and copper has any difference). Heard theres other brands like shure, bose, sennheinser, etc. which are good too, but didn't do much research. My budget is around $200 at most. So if you guys here can help, appreciate much really.

P.s. I'm currently using urbeats HTC version, feel like upgrading.
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I've a couple more suggestions - the KEF M200 might be worth a look, also the Sennheiser IE60 and Shure SE215.


I've not much experience with the models you mentioned unfortunately..

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Thanks will definitely look those up
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