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I've been researching the DX50 extensively for the past few days and since everyone is seems to be drooling over firmware 1.2.8's sound quality and (relative?) stability, I'd made my decision to buy it.  Then, in the middle of my elation I stumbled into a forum post saying the RE-400s are a poor match for the DX50 and the two don't play well together.


Guess what my only IEMs are.  I can't afford to replace them and buy a new DAP, either; it's one or the other right now.


Can someone with both of these items please describe to me what I can expect to experience if I buy the DX50 and use it with these headphones?  Is it distortion, hissing?  Bleeding bass or sibilance?  I've been unable to find much concrete information about this.


If the problem is bad enough I'm willing to return the Waterlines in favor of a new pair of IEMs.  The ones I'm most interested in are JVC Victor HA-FXT90s.  If I go that route should I expect any complications or poor interactions between the DX50 and the HA-FXT90s?


I'm on a really tight budget and this purchase will basically cost me all of my play money for quite a while.  Please help me make a wise, informed decision.  Your advice matters to me.  Thank you!

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