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Title says it all. Wish to have some suggestions for TotL closed-back headphones for my next upgrade over the summer. I prefer a smooth warm-ish bassy sound signature. The most important thing about the sound signature is the treble has to be good-quality (not fatiguing or peaky) as I'm young and rather treble-sensitive. Comfort is of the utmost importance. Isolation is fairly important too as I live in a boarding house half the time. I most likely will be using the DX50 > 627 MICRO rig. I can upgrade it if required but the rig has to stay fully portable. My budget is an absolute max of US$2000 including any upgrades to my list but it depends on my exam results: better = more cash! I listen to a variety of genres including EDM, jazz, chamber orchestra and rock music. I'm asking this soon because I like to plan out my purchases over a long period of time :D

Examples of music I usually listen to (I just realized I listen to ALOT of Japanese stuff!) (Click to show)

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