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The death of my PX360

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So it is with a heavy heart, I have to say goodbye to my beloved Sennheiser PX360 headphones.


They were the most comfy, tonally accurate and hardwearing headphones I have ever owned.


I moved back and forth between my other ones such as a Noontec Zoro and Hercules HDP M1001's but when I came back. I was sorry I ever forsook them!


Then last weekend, while traveling I was listening to a movie, tucked the tablet I was watchign it on in my bag before venturing to the tube station (UK) for my underground journey and discovered....1 ear only.


Needless to say my journey onward was somewhat lopsided.


I've contacted Sennheiser but I believe from what lack of product information I'm seeing on their websites and the fact I can get these for 1/3 the price of when I originally bought them.


So my question is (aside the sob story) any alternates from the Sennheisers' that anyone can recommend for a similar price point?

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I'm struggling to find an alternative for the £90 the PX360s are going for - I say if you know you like these, then just get another pair.


Unless of course you want to change to an in-ear headphone for instance; but I'm guessing you'd already have those if you liked them.

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Yeah these are pretty comfy, sound good (to me, use them for mobile listening on busy travel and sometimes light walk about town) and were somewhat more discrete then some of the other competition out there.


I dunno In Ears are their own beast in themselves. I have a pair of CX500 (again Sennheiser) and they do everything I want AND have in line volume. Just wish they may have had an inline mic or media controls for Android.


It was mainly a test of the water to see what else out there is over the head, circumaural, comfy, and not breaking the bank.


HAve access to a local audio shop which has demo units but all they seem to offer are beats, Marleys, Skullcandy and Monster (also known as Beats)


Wonder what will happen to that brand now that Apple has acquired them.

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Although as an aside, have always wanted a pair of these:


At that price is not amazingly expensive, but my question is. What is the Ohm statement on there? Assuming it needs more power in order to drive ?

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Your PX360 had a 32 ohm impedance (this is the resistance in the circuit that your audio signal encounters), this is designed for mobile applications and for use with mobiles.


The 80 Ohm DT770s are harder to drive so you will notice these not getting so loud if used on the same equipment.


Luckily, Beyerdynamic do a 32 ohm version of the DT770 which I've seen on Ebay (or our own fine outlet) for £150 - this will be a good replacement if you are ready to jump makers.

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