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I started on my headphone journey back in '69
For just $9.95 those Sony Superscopes were mine!
The Model DR-7A, all black, with padded ears
Transported me my first time to a land one only hears.


I closed my eyes, the music moved me both in time and space
From my small bedroom, through the air, to that new special place.
A place above all teenaged angst of whether girls like me
And whether I should care about the jock I'd never be.


Through college those headphone took me, played music as I learned.
Each classic piece, again, again, eyes closed, in my brain burned
Until now forty years later I know the song, the words,
The artist, each orchestral entrance, background pops I heard.


I'd set those Sony 'phones aside for decades, in a poke.
Not long ago I found them, glue had dried out, earpiece broke.
My escort to the world of pure sound was no longer there...
So three short years ago, I went and bought my second pair.


Sennheiser HD 5-9-8's -- with way much better sound.
It says they had "transparency" and "sound stage" all around.
Great as they are, these 5-9-8's will never take the place
Of those true old black Sony 7As -- they have less bass!


My DR-7As were simple... speaker and a screen
A dab of what appeared to be wood glue to hold the seam.
The ear speakers the same as in my pocket radio
Like "fifty millimeter" cans that sell for lots of dough!


No more will a mere wire from source to my headphone suffice --
I need an amp, pre-amp, a DAC, and vacuum tubes are nice.
I learn some oenophilic words, like "veiled," "forward," and "PrAT"
I'm even told that diff'rent wires sound better; believe that?


I'll take this verse to Hollywood, to meet with Dr. Dre
To join the Hip-Hop nation where in rhyme I'll have my say.
Perhaps I'll also meet the Apple crowd, especially Mr. Cook
They'll give me ALL the Beats headphones I want -- how great I'll look!

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