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Looking for headphones for gaming/movies/music (good bass) less than 200

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Hello audio fanatics. I've been looking into getting some headphones that are more orientated around sound quality and comfort as opposed to some of the cheap rubbish I've been purchasing over the years. I currently have the Creative Aurvana Live and they do a decent job but the cable has become ragged and split from all the tension. I particularly like the detachable cables as seen on the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X and the Sennheiser HD598 so I can quickly remove them while still retaining the headphones on my head. 


I am looking for an all-round pair of headphones that cater for gaming, music and movie usage that are comfortable for long periods of time. I like listening to music that has a strong beat to it but I don't require something that will blow my ears off. I've looked extensively into the two aforementioned headphones because of their reviews and overall performance and comfort. I really like the look of the HD598s because of how comfortable they look and apparently the soundstage is impressive because of the open-ear design. I've read that they are underwhelming for the type of music that I am interested in and don't have great bass performance? The majority of what I have read about the ATH-M50X is very positive and I like how they have been described as immersive because of its design. Perhaps not as comfortable as the HD598 but they do come with three separate cables so you have plenty of backup should one of the cables break. However in comparison to the Aurvana Lives I have, the cables look a lot more durable. 


I've heard very positive things about the DT770 (Pro?) as well and these also look very comfortable and have been described as having great sound quality while providing a good soundstage. I believe these have a higher impedance at 80 OHM? I ideally would like headphones that can be plugged in and away you go without the need for specialist amps or similar equipment, but I'm not sure of the cut-off point before you have to consider these factors. The only real issue I can find with these is the lack of a detachable cable. Because this has been the problem with my last two headphones, I'm concerned that the same will happen again, and because I'm diving into the more expensive price bracket for headphones (for me anyway), I don't want to worry about how careful I am with removing the headphones and moving them about. Is the cable durable enough? 


Any other thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  

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is gaming your main focus, side focus, or are you truly looking for all-around quality cans? 



    i SAID i wanted an all-around set until i was persuaded otherwise since as much as i wanted all-arounders...directional sound quality was more important to me in fps games than sound quality while rocking out to music. 

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I am not looking to gain any significant advantage while playing FPS games in particular, as long as the sound effects and general audio sound good then I am satisfied. As long as the headphones immerse me into the action then that's all I'm really looking for. 

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