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se215 reliability issues

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I'm in the process of purchasing a pair of shure se215s and seen a couple of threads ranting about the cable connection issues and audio cutting out. Getting worried but they seem to be pretty old threads from three years ago. Has shure done anything to fix the problem since or is it still a major problem?

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Not sure, but my pair are still fine and I run in them sometimes. 

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Mine never had such a problem, I bought them nearly 2 years ago.

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Oh, and I have the normal version, not sure if the blue SE version is the same. 

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Maybe I was just panicking cos the "shure se215 IEM issues - cutting out audio?" thread looked a bit sizeable.

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Yeah, I was a little worried when I bought mine, but it's really fine. 

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Alright thanks. Just needed some confirmation that I wasn't gonna be wasting a 100 bucks on them just to pay for a replacement cable every fortnight or something.

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