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55 usd, how to spend on in-ear buds

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Er the title should be, "less than 55 usd" because I wanna buy a headset with a mic with the remainder biggrin.gif

I've been using a pair of apple (non-in-ear) buds for about 4 years now (stupid I know) along with the (non in-ear) buds that came with an htc desire. The htc buds broke and the apple buds left ear has a lower volume than the right ear.
Obviously my ears aren't even used to decent (let alone high) quality sound. But I remember that the htc's buds had overall better sound quality that the apple buds, although the voice signal seemed slightly weaker on them than on the apple's.

First time I listened through a pair of Skullcandy Titans I was literally blown away by how good they were relative to what I had. Since then I've noticed that they may lack mids/highs clarity relative to the apple buds in some songs at least. I listen to everything from Taylor Swift to All American Rejects to Feint (google feint timebomb) smily_headphones1.gif

I wanna upgrade from the half broken apples and even though I like bass, I'd like to get something better than the skullcandy titans because I kind of fear they'll be worse than the apple ones when playing tracks which don't emphasise bass. But correct me if I'm wrong, and do suggest anything you think is better for a similar price (titans are 40 usd).

I'm assuming full size headphones (with mic) for around 40 usd aren't a whole lot better sounding than in-ear buds (don't need mic) you can get for the same price, but if that is not the case I'd consider spending ~40 on a headset with a mic and spending the remainder on a simple upgrade to the half broken apple buds.

Thanks in advance for your time smily_headphones1.gif
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I recently started doing some research on earbuds (non-in-ear), and was reading some reviews on one that seems promising, and should be in your price range.  Look up HiSoundaudio PAA-1 PRO and see if you think that would suit your needs.




I'm not sure if you need a built in mic or not.  If you do, then you might want to look into Apple's Earpods.  They're not all that expensive, and perform quite a bit better than the previous earbud model Apple originally sent out with all their products.  Some people hate them, some people have tried them and have been pleasantly surprised.


If you don't mind using in-ear, I personally am a fan of the Klipsch S4 at that price range, which can be purchased with a mic as well.  If you don't mind a somewhat long delivery time, myself and quite a few others have really enjoyed the Xiaomi Piston 2 which comes with a mic as well, and can be ordered at Penon Audio.  There have been some reports that after heavy use the sound doesn't clean up like a lot of other audio products do, but I wouldn't say that's been confirmed either, just something to keep in mind.

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Thanks for replying and the suggestions :-) I am looking for in-ear, and I don't need a mic for them. Thing is I'm from Sri Lanka, so I can't ship anything (shipping would cost more than the item lol) and will have to buy locally. So I'm planning on going hunting for the ones that are suggested here biggrin.gif

Ps - I hit post by mistake on my phone while still making the op, so edited it afterwards to add the rest. Sorry

Edit - reading about the xiaomi piston 2 atm and they do seem like great value for money smily_headphones1.gif Thanks for suggesting it. I just hope I can find them here in SL to compare with my friends Skullcandy titans. I bet the Klipsch's must be better but they are way too expensive :/ Thanks anyway.
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search in websites with free worldwide shipping, like penonaudio and mp4nation. at penonaudio the piston are absurdly cheap: http://penonaudio.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=piston


Edit: I couldn't figure out what you want: do you want big bass or not?

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