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For Sale or Trade:
Triple Threats, Heaviliy Modded Custom Wood Cans! For Trade towards an LCD XC

Will Ship To: Anywhere

SO, I've got three headphones, My Modded W1000x, Audeze Style Connectors, Mods within and L3000 Pads, My Modded Cocobolo D2k, Mark L Mods Within and Lawton Pads, Balanced Midnight Cable from Brian at BTG, and my Hifiman HE 4, wood cups by Monkey Nutz, Audeze Style Connectors and Beyer Pads and HeadBand


And I'm wondering... if the LCD XC sounds better than all 3 of them? If any one with an LCD XC is interested I'd love to hear it and possibly purchase the LCD XC [assuming it does sound better than my 3 current headphones] 


that said, I paid over $2000 getting all three of my headphones to where they are now, including all the mods, and my HE 4 and W1000x share a cable


THAT said, if any one looking to sell and LCD XC would be willing to let me try it, I'm fairly certain I could sell my three headphones for around $1500, and use said funds to purcahse and LCD XC 


or if your curious to hear what a crap ton of Modded Cans sounds like I'm open for a trade xD