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Hello all, Sonic Sense here.


You may have seen some of our other posts on other forums here on Head-Fi, but this is our official announcement!


We just released an entire library of headphone comparisons with over 100 different pairs of headphones for you to enjoy over the internet! Now this may seem preposterous... but we'd love to show you what we have come up with. 


After months of trial and error, we've developed a unique tracking process that truly resembles what a pair of headphones sounds like. Granted, nothing beats listening to headphones while they're on your own head (we'll let you know when we create the Holo-headphone that virtually transmits a pair of headphones into your life), but this can help narrow down your search. 


Our main goal is to educate and inform people, without bias, about a wide selection of headphones so that they can decide for themselves what to buy. Doing research over the internet can lead to some sales-driven reviews, marketing hype, or anything else that might influence your decision.


If you're curios as to how we tracked all of our headphones, check out our article on the Sonic Sense Resource Center. All headphones went through the same 100-hour burn-in process, and then the same technique was used to track the headphones. We used Rational Acoustics' Smaart software to analyze the signal coming in to ensure that each ear cup was placed in the exact same spot on each side of our microphones. We created a modified version of the Neumann KU-100 ("Fritz" as we like to call him) with DPA 4006 microphones mounted inside. From there, the signal was run through Grace Design Lunatec V2 preamps and Benchmark Converters and into our DAW. 


Overall, we divided up the headphone comparisons into some logical categories. We have all of the audio comparison files done and you can enjoy a wide range of comparisons including:



In addition to all of these categories, we divided all of our headphones into four unique, yet related, applications: DJ Headphones, Mobile Device Headphones, Audiophile Headphones, and Studio Monitoring / Reference Headphones. We constantly have customers asking "Why don't my headphones get loud enough when I plug them into my phone?" or "What headphones should I buy for mixing/listening/producing?" We looked at specs, tried out headphones ourselves, and wrote an article that can act as a guide to purchasing headphones. Sometimes there's more to the story than the design. Having the proper amp can really change the way a pair of headphones performs. I'm sure you all are more than familiar with this, but sometimes little details like this can get lost in online reviews. 


Check out our article that outlines these uses for headphones with audio comparisons of every pair of headphones in our library!


Listen, enjoy, compare, and let us know what you think! We're constantly working to expand our library, so we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions here on Head-Fi.


Happy listening.