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For Sale:
EZ80 Vintage Brimar UK-Made D-Getter NOS Matched Pair (Rated #1 rectifier for Woo WA2)

Will Ship To: CONUS

From "The Woo Audio 2" Head-Fi thread (page 35) ranking the Top 10 rectifier tubes for the Woo WA2:


"1. Brimar EZ80 England, black plate, D getter - THE best of all, almost as detailed as Ei, tonally just like Mullards Blackburn BUT with no veil in mids and highs are the cleanest from all above. Best focused soundstage with great depth. The blackest background and even if they're are slightly dark sounding you can hear natural timbre of all instruments that simply wasn't there with any other rectifier i tried. With Gec's and Semens there my reference combination. They really bring woo to a totally different level. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!."



Incredibly hard to find in any condition...and this pair is pristine.

No noise.  Beautifully textured, layered soundstage. Instrument separation is the best I've heard.

Deep resonance and "being there" realistic instrument timbre.  NOS with less than 75 hours usage.


Ship to continental USA only.  Shipping $8 (USPS Priority Mail and tracking).

I'll eat the PayPal fee.


(Also available:  Valvo EZ80 NOS Pair (French made) - $49 + $8 shipping

                        Brimar EZ80 NOS Pair O-Getter (UK made) - $49 + $8 shipping

                        Brimar EZ81/CV5072 NOS Pair Military Print 1966 (UK made) - $69 + 8 shipping)

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