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I run an ODAC standalone and O2 amp at work with my M100s


At home I have my X1s but dont have any real head phone set up.

I run HDMI audio from my PC, ps3, and ps4 into my TV which runs optical out into a ****ty 100$ Yamaha surround amp that I plug my X1s into. 


I want to upgrade my home set up and I don't make that much money. $1000 on headphone stuff in the last 5 months has totally broken my bank. but of course I am hooked. 


I am seriously stuck... not sure what I should to get to upgrade my sound at home. 

I live in Japan so all options are not the same as the USA. 

options and budget include 

fostex hp-a4 

a 2nd ODAC 

Asus Xonar Essence STU (stand alone USB unit)

Asus Xonar Essence STX (PCI computer card)


Ideally I want to improve my PC audio. I need a better DAC. when I get the cash get a tube amp. 

I think another ODAC is the best dac I can get for the money. I don't need an amp/dac like the Fostex. which is 3 times the price.