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Xaiomi Piston 2.1 Review

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Today I received my pair of Xaiomi Piston 2.1's. I ordered them off of and got them in a surprising 6 days with the FedEx shipment option. I do believe these are the "2.1" editions because after doing research, the 2.1 is supposed to have the left and right markers on the heads and also have a metal clip inside the case (clothing clip). Here's my review.


Now I shouldn't really be doing a review without burn in time, but today i have about 3.5 hours through them. I will do an update after about 100 hours.



Here's what they had looked like as I opened them. Their molding is made of a very nice, chocolate scented silicone. They hold the earphones, remote and jack very well and they surely wont fall or slip out. As you can see, the cord before the Y splitter has a cloth material wrapped around it, maybe this is the Kevlar as the website mentions that this cable is partially made of Kevlar fibers? The remote has a one button, play/pause on one side and the opposite side carry's the volume up/down and has the microphone in between. The jack plug is 3 ringed.




Sorry for this picture being sideways. Here is what's under the silicone headphone holder. The carry's 1 set of small, medium and large earbud tips and in the middle, the metal clip is mounted. The clip seems to be made up of stainless steel and is very 'grabbing', so for the people that will use it, it will definitely hold against a piece of clothing.





Here's a good view of the earbuds. They come pre-loaded with a second pair of medium size eartips. The quality of these IEMs are very very good for their price range. The cans, remote and jack are all made out of aluminum and has a "rose gold" finish on them. The design of these headphones are quite impressive. It's what they call "CD grain". It's basically a bunch of really thin lines that provide a bionic texture. This patent is supposed to effectively reduce resonance, reduce sound leakage and increase bass performance.



Okay, onto the sound. Please take regard that you may be hearing about these a lot for their sound quality but THEY ARE STILL 25 DOLLAR IEM's. They only defeat most headphones around the 80 dollar range, no more than that. With that said, i will be speaking from a non-audiophile view and without burn in time.


Bass - The lower range on these IEMs is surely present but could be better. They have very good sub bass believe it or not although i think the 20hz-20khz frequency range hurts that factor a little bit. It's by no means, jaw rattling but they provide a very solid thump and punch.


Mid range - Mid range is what extracts me with these Pistons. Mid's are smooth and very clear. Everything about this headphone is crystal clear and very enjoyable for my listening preferences.


Treble - I do really hope this is because of the no burn in time but when the volumes up, their treble can hurt your ears. Vocals are sharp and by that i mean too sharp, i have been cringing. I think if that turns down a notch, treble will be very nice with these headphones.


Volume - These are rated as 16ohm headphones which means these are meant to be ran off of a portable media player such as a iPhone, iPod, Android, Laptop, tablet, so forth. These do not whatsoever need an amplifier. To my knowledge a device such as my Galaxy Note 3 can push about 80 ohm headphones and i believe that goes for most, after 80 ohms you will most definitely want to look into headphone amplifiers. I typically listen to my headphones around 75-85% volume on my Note 3 but these are loud headphones I've noticed. My maximum listening level with these are 75%, i typically listen to this around 65%.


Also, to clarify this is my first attempt at a headphone review and to also state, i'm just a 16-year-old who has an interest in audio and headphones. I've owned a fair amount of different IEMs, headphones, speakers, and so forth but i feel that i kind of know what im talking about. My final cent - If you have a spare 25 dollars lying around and happen to be looking for a cheap, budget IEM, look no further.

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Nice job and photos on first review...very nice!


As an owner and listener, I share my honest opinion. As always, everyone's ears are different so this is just my humble opinoin. You may like them and are equally right. Cheers!

I ordered 3 pairs because they were so cheap from dealer that sells real pistons. I gave 2 pairs away...1 to a fellow head-fi member for his impressions. A cliff's notes version of my take-

1. The packaging and aesthetics are extremely hard to beat at this price range.
2. The sound is V shaped.
3. I would say they compete with 0-50 dollar IEM.
4. I was annoyed the buttons did not work with either my note 3 or my iPHONE 5s.
5. While they are a bargain at the listed price, I would not buy them again.
6. If I like V shaped signature and was in the 0-50 range, yeah...they could be a good IEM.
7. I think the aesthetics are the big driver of this IEM.

So why did I buy them? The low cost and curiousity factor. Anything that gets this type of fan base deserves a check-see. FYI, I did try them with flac, Alac, MP3 out of my RSA Intruder, ipod touch 5, Iphone 5s, Note 3, and finally wood audio WA6SE.
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Thanks so much! It means a lot.

I agree with you all the way, however the remote works with my Note 3?

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