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Question for the Dream Theater fans ...

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Love the band, adore Petrucci's God-given talent and musically I think the current self-titled album is an absolute treat BUT LaBrie would have to be the single worst vocalist I've heard out front of a big name prog rock band. I'm assured that this vocals will grow on me - that was 5 years ago and it hasnt happened yet. I claimed a while back that DT need a Geddy Lee out front and was howled down by fans of both bands, but clearly I'm a slow learner  :D


Edit: my question is whether you've grown accustomed to his vocals and - if so - how long did it take ?


So, who would I replace him with ? My first choice would be Clint Boge, an Aussie formerly of The Butterfly Effect:






Of course, there's more to fronting a band than vocal range or delivery - LaBrie clearly meshes with the band if he's been there since 91. Most marriages dont last that long  ;)


(Apologies to any longtime DT fans I may have offended with the above rant - just one persons opinion - happy to hear yours)

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 Funny thing is I've heard Labrie in other projects (Ayreon's Human Equation and Roswell Six's Terra Incognita) and don't mind him in those.  As much as I've tried I just can't seem to get a hold of what Dream Theatre are about.  I've had Black Skies which I thought was ok, and a couple of others but the cd's just don't get repeated plays like others do.


Here's a thought, try the aforementioned bands and see what you think of him in those.  Might be interesting.

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His vocals have never grown on me as much as Hetfield's from Metallica has over the years.

Now DT would be incredible with David Draiman or M. Shadows as a front man, both have amazing voices.
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Thanks for the feedback guys - didnt occur to me to seek out other bands he's worked with, but its clear that he doesnt light either of your fires either. It's especially weird for me because over the years I've been able to embrace everything from Puccini's operas to some very guttural death metal growled vocals and several of the vocalists I swear by have idiosyncratic styles - Ozzy, Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford - but it still sounds musical if that makes any sense. LaBrie is reminiscent of some of the bad pub rockers from my youth in Australia - they tried hard but just didnt cut it. 

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