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I have the Q701s and they seem like they would fit your needs. It really does have great bass imo. They are light and absolutely fantastic for movies and even better for gaming. The headband took me a while to get used to but there are several mods you can easily perform if its a problem for you. They definitely lean towards the brighter end of the spectrum and can be fatiguing to listen to if your listening to compressed material. The Q701s really shine with orchestral music imo and the more complex the music the better they perform. They are at their best with albums that have alot going on such as Fragile by Yes but they really are pretty versatile. Any well recorded material will sound good on these HPs. Any poorly recorded material or compressed material will be pretty rough. They do feel pretty loose on my head however. It's not a problem if your just sitting at a computer or whatever but I do have to be careful if I stand up and move around and especially If you have to bend forward to pick something up, they'll slide around quite a bit. You should probably take all my opinions with a grain of salt tho because I don't really have much that I can compare these to. Good luck

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I think i will check out the Q701 impression thread later to see if the headband indeed was changed, and how it compares to the k712 sound wise. I know there are slight differences between them in sound but I am not sure what it is exactly besides the bass boost in the k712.


I am not sure if I willing to spend $400 on used equipment like the t90. I always have that feeling that the reason is being sold is because of a flaw(s).

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The T90 is a bit polarizing, ppl either love it or hate it. Ppl who love it, tend to move on to the T1. And used equipment, ppl here are pretty honest about condition of item, if there's a flaw, they'll mention it. Other than that, it's built like a tank. I love my set.
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Hmmm the T90 has a similar sound signature to the AKG K701 in my opinion but it has greater clarity by far.

I just feels much more refined.

I personally love it even though i'm a basshead.

I would get one but it's out of my budget 

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After some more research and time thinking about it, I am definitely heading to the direction of buying the k712s. The Q701s still have the bumps and I am not going to deal with them for my comfort issues. I will not buy until early-to-mid June so there is still time to convince me otherwise if anyone thinks there is alternative set I should research first.

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