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Need help finding headphones/headset

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I'm looking for a good headset or headphone to use on my computer. It will primarily be used for gaming and in an oculus rift virtual reality setup. Because of this it is important that the headset or headphones are able to produce a decent surround experience as well as good quality sound. I also tend to use a fairly moderate/low volume while using headphones or headsets so it doesn't need to have a very high max volume. My upper price limit is around 400 USD although cheaper alternatives are more than welcome.


I did try the Razer Tiamat 7.1 surround headset, but had to return it as it produced an unbearable high pitched tone. Because of this I do not which to buy headphones or headsets from Razer as i do not trust their production quality when it comes to headphones or headsets, but I'm open to any other brands.


I would be grateful for any suggestions you guys might have and I apologize for any badly written English as I'm not a native speaker.

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Welcome to head-fi. 


This guide should help you to get started


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The above mentioned guide it's pretty useful. What about getting a set of headphones + mic? are you strictly looking for a headset? 

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First of all thank you guys for your reply.

After looking at the gaming guide and some more around the forum I think I'm closer to a decision :D


From what I can tell "true surround in headset/headphones" are considered more or less ****, and one should use virtual surround as it is able to generate as good as any surround effect in "headsets/headphones" - can anyone please confirm this. For me it is important that I will be able to here sounds like footsteps in counter strike and where they are originating from. It doesn't need to be the best in the world at this, but it needs to give a good feel of where sounds are coming from. Also the immersion factor is an important factor for me so from what I can tell I need a good all round headset/headphone.


Furthermore it seems that the general opinion is that a headphones with something like a modmic are superior to headsets - for this reason I'm considering getting headphones instead of headset. However I'm a bit worried about the virtual surround on headphones - I see most gaming headsets advertising 5.1 or 7.1 virtual surround,but I have not seen this on any headphones and this worries me a bit. Would be nice if anyone could explain if these gaming headset have superior virtual surround or if headphones just don't advertise this - I'm a bit confused about this.


From the gaming guide it looks like the Philips Fidelio X1 is my best bet. I did look at the AKG K712 Pro, but in my country these goes for 630 usd so overbudget :(

If anyone could confirm that the Philips Fidelio X1 will produce the surround effect I'm looking - hearing where footsteps originate from in games like counterstrike, and if need some special equipment to make this work that would be great. Also if I decide to go with these headphones should I get something like an ASUS XONAR U3 to power it over my motherboard (no dedicated soundcard) or will it make no difference?


Thanks for any insight you guys have and sorry for my bad english

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