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well I have the following gear at home


1- mr speakers mad dogs

2- fiio x3

3- 50 cent sms Bluetooth ( has Bluetooth aptx )

4- avantree Bluetooth adapter ( with aptx as a receiver and transmitter )


So I said what if I can get wireless with the fiio x3 and ifi ican nano


so this is what I did


I connected the avantree Bluetooth adapter to the ifi ican nano as a transmitter, then I connected my 50 cent sms Bluetooth headphones to that setup, and turned on the 3d effect only on the ifi ican nano


Man the sound to be honest is better than I ever could I have imagined the 50cent Bluetooth have great lows but little lack in mids and highs so when I used the 3d effect, the sound was so so great beyond anything I have heard before, I like how well now the excellent lows of the 50cent sms headphones come together with the nice 3d effect of the ifi ican nano


I never imagined this setup will be among the best I ever heard, its close to using the maddogs wired to the ifi ican nano and fiio x3, but honestly I liked the sound I getting with the 50cent sms headphone connected by Bluetooth to the fiio x3 better, call me crazy but that what I liked more


Its the warmth and nice bass impact with nice nice mid and highs that this new setup offers ( even over Bluetooth )


try it out if you have such gear