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For Sale: Stax SRX Mk2

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For Sale:
Stax SRX Mk2

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've got a pair of Stax SRX Mk2 "earspeakers" for sale, in pretty good condition. The only thing wrong with these is that the pads are flaking due to age, but otherwise they're great. I'm selling them because their sound signature is not really my kind of thing, and I'm thinning out my headphone collection to just the ones I actively use — I acquired too many in my pursuit to find the ones that suit me best.


Attached are photos of the actual headphones. I've tried to show you the pads in detail (along with every other part I guess). Please feel free to shoot me with any questions and/or offers.


I'm selling a few more Stax equipment, so check my other postings for those. Note that I am more than willing to do package deals, if you're looking to buy more than one thing.


I'll be shipping them from South Korea. Shipping expenses are for the buyer. I'll package everything very well. Local pickup is, of course, possible if you're in the neighbourhood.

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