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Is this a good headphone stand?

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Hey guys,


Give me a quick opinion on how you think this headphone stand accommodates this headband. I want to prolong the longevity of the headband and retain it's flexibility, so I would be glad to hear what you think from your experience. I'm mainly worried that the stretching might eventually degrade the leather somehow.


Here's two images with the headband fitted in different ways on the stand. Essentially this is the stand:



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The second picture is fitted much better for the headphone.


Because there's only two points of contact between the metal and headband in the first picture, I'm sure you'd eventually wear out the leather material after sliding it on and off of the stand several million times.  The force of gravity would probably be enough to stretch the headband until the headband matches the stand's  radius if it were to sit there for your lifetime.  Realistically I wouldn't worry about the stand wearing out the leather or stretching the headphone.  

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I haven't had any experience with headphone stands, that's why I'm asking. Do you guys think it's a good idea to keep using this stand, compared to just leaving the headphones in their travel bag on the desk?

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