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For Sale:
Beyerdynamic Tesla T1 with Upgraded Cable and Plug

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is another pair of high-end headphones. As I have explained before, I'm moving and am only going to be able to take 2-3 pairs of my collection with me.


Today I am offering a pair a pair of Beyerdynamic Tesla T1's (which have just enough hours on them to be burned in without incurring any real wear) refitted with ten feet of Moon Audio Black Dragon cable and a Fururtech FP-704 (G) 1/4" connector (an ordinary, 1/4", single-ended connector, just an unusually good one). With this cable and connector, the T1's retain their essential sound, they're just a little more detailed while at the same time having a less "bright" sound. The headphones are in pristine condition and, as I said, have very low hours on them (I tend to prefer planar magnetic headphones except for the Fostex TH-900's, which are kind of my reference headphones, using a Woo WA6-SE with all NOS tubes).


Please feel free to ask me any questions. Just please don't ask me if I'm willing to ship overseas. I might ship to Alaska or Hawaii if you're willing to pay the extra shipping cost, but I've just had much better luck staying with the continental US. Sorry about that. I do have the original box with all the internal packing materials. Thanks for reading and, as I said, feel free to ask any questions. In the picture, the ear pads may look a little dusty, but that's not wear and tear, that's just me not keeping my apartment perfectly dusted. :-) Thanks again and do ask me any questions!

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